Medical specialist for the maritime and industrial sector
during workshop about exposure to dangerous goods

Presentation during workshop organized by Deltalinqs

On 5 June Deltalinqs is organizing a workshop on exposure to dangerous substances in the EIC Mainport Rotterdam. An important reason for this workshop is that in the Netherlands, 4,100 people die each year from occupational diseases, almost seven times as much as fatal traffic casualties. The majority suffers and dies as a consequence of working with hazardous substances in the workplace. "That can and must stop," according to Deltalinqs.

Employers have the obligation to take measures for a safe and healthy working environment. But how does an employer meet these requirements? When are the measures good enough? How are dangerous working conditions and health risks mapped, controlled and tracked? What does the legislation and regulations say about this, and does that fit with the existing practice? During a varied program, specialists share their knowledge on numerous aspects in the field of hazardous substances.

Port Health Center was invited to give a presentation on the health effects caused by hazardous substances in the port of Rotterdam. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in dealing with injuries and disorders caused by chemical incidents, we have a lot the expertise and know exactly what is needed in different situations. During the presentation, Flip Kaster (company doctor and manager at Port Health Centre), will provide insight into the health effects after exposure to hazardous substances. He will also give examples from the daily practice of our 24/7 Emergy Care in the port of Rotterdam. The importance of appropriate preventive measures and adequate treatment will become clear.
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