Travel advice & Vaccinations
Cross-border medical support

Travel advice & Vaccinations

Port Health Centre offers companies services which guarantee your employee’s medical health during their stay abroad. As with our medical examinations, on-site vaccinations can also be scheduled at the location and time you prefer. Saving your company time, so that you can focus on your company’s core business. Besides this, we can also help you with our travelling ‘tele-advice’ service. Our specialists are ready to answer all your medical questions.

Certified vaccination institute
Depending on the destination, the duration of the trip and other relevant circumstances, we provide you with travel advice and all the vaccinations you need. As a certified vaccination institute, we comply with quality requirements and are registered for yellow fever. Check out our complete range of vaccinations. Please note that pricing and charges are indicative and subject to change.

DTP vaccinatie (difterie, tetanus, polio) 10 years € 25,75
Hepatitis A + B vaccinatie 3x Hep A 35 years, Hep B lifetime € 63,00
Hepatitis A vaccinatie 2x 35 years € 53,50
Hepatitis B vaccinatie 3x lifetime € 42,75
Gele koorts vaccinatie lifetime € 37,75
Typhus vaccinatie 3 years € 32,00
Cholera certificaat 6 months € 4,25
Cholera oraal 2 years € 50,50
Rabiës (hondsdolheid) 3x 2 years € 81,25
Japanse Encephalitis 2x 2 years € 159,75
Meningcoccen vaccinatie 3 years € 75,50
BMR vaccinatie (bof, mazelen, rode hond) lifetime € 35,50
Tetanus vaccinatie 10 years € 12,00
Vaccinatieboekje   € 4,25
Vaccinatieconsult   € 21,75
Vaccinatieconsult (herhaling)   € 13,75

For more information on travel advice and vaccinations for companies, please contact us.

"Port Health Centre organized…
An information programme for employees going to Tanzania. They received information on vaccinations, hygiene and many other useful tips regarding living and working in the tropics. As a result, they were well prepared for their stay in the tropics."
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