Medical examinations
A wide variety of examinations

Medical examinations

Port Health Centre offers a broad range of medical examinations for the offshore and maritime industry. You can also contact us for a variety of other specialized medical examinations (for example, in the field of transportation, chemical engineering and soil remediation), health checks and preventive medical examinations (PMEs). Because we are recognized by various foreign governments and institutions as a certified medical examination institute, we can conduct examinations in many countries. So, you can always count on receiving a correct and appropriate certificate. This makes us a unique partner. Our (offshore) medical examinations can take place wherever you are. If necessary, in combination with administering required vaccinations.

No waiting lists and results readily available
Thanks to our close cooperation with other medical organizations, Port Health Centre can offer you fast service and readily available examination results. We prefer you make an appointment for the medical examination; when an emergency arises, you can always count on us to help you.

Need more information on our medical examination institute? Please contact us for an appointment.
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