About Port Health Centre
Medical specialist for the maritime and industrial sector

About Port Health Centre

In the Rotterdam Port area, major industrial areas included, companies (and individual seafarers) often don’t have direct access to appropriate medical services. Port Health Centre responds to this need and offers the marine and industrial sector a wide range of specialized medical services. Whether it’s medical examinations, GP care, emergency care or travel advice and vaccinations, all your medical questions are welcome. Seven days a week.

If you have any specific requirements, please let us know. Thanks to our extensive care network, we are able customize our services to satisfy your specific needs. Our medical centres in Rotterdam Centre, Botlek, Moerdijk and Geleen, mean you are count on fast, specialized care. And, upon request, we’ll be happy to provide on-site medical care.  

One-stop-shopping medical services
Port Health Centre provides medical care and assistance to both companies and private patients in the Rotterdam Port area. Our broad range of specialized medical services including our 24/7 service makes us unique in this region; a perfect centre for one-stop-shopping.
  • Medical examinations (seafarer, offshore and other medical examinations)
  • Travel advice and vaccinations
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