Seafarer medical examinations
Provider of all your seafarer medical examinations

Seafarer medical examinations

As a certified medical examination institute, Port Health Centre can offer you all kinds of medical examinations. It is our aim to keep your business going. That´s why, upon request, we are happy to provide on-site seafarer medical examinations. Thanks to our close cooperation with hospitals, we can offer you the advantage of minimal waiting times. Examination results are readily available.
Seafarer medical examinations on location
Our extensive experience and our familiarity with the maritime and offshore industry have made us specialists in seafarer medical examinations. We have adequate medical examination facilities at our disposal and the right specialized knowledge. Not only in the Netherlands, but in various other countries as well, Port Health Centre is a certified medical examination institute. So, you can count on obtaining a correct and appropriate certificate.

For more information on seafarer medical examinations, please contact us.

"Port Health Centre organized…
A seminar for seafarers about health and safety on board. How do you deal with acute medical problems and what pro-active measures can you take to improve health conditions aboard ship? The seminar was held in Croatia!"
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