Medical specialist for the maritime and industrial sector

Port Health Centre preferred supplier Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a worldwide market leader in the field of offshore construction and installation,  an industry that requires a lot of employees. To monitor the health of employees HMC recently signed a collaboration agreement with Port Health Centre (PHC).

HMC is a marine contractor specialist in the international offshore oil and gas industry. HMC excels at designing, transporting and installing offshore facilities. The company works with the largest crane vessels in the world and accomplish the most complex projects. Having healthy and fit employees is crucial for HMC in order to execute projects at sea safely, accurately and on time. This is the reason why HMC wanted to cooperate with a medical specialist and selected PHC as a preferred supplier.

PHC has a lot of experience in providing medical services for the marine and industrial sector. They know the offshore industry, where HMC is in, like no other. PHC will provide medical examinations for the office staff and fleet personnel of HMC. The examinations will be carried out according to the HMC procedures and standards of NOGEPA (Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie). Employees are most welcome at the  PHC medical centre in Rotterdam City Centre and Botlek.
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