Medical specialist for the maritime and industrial sector

PHC 24/7 emergency care supplier of Chemelot

From 1 January 2015 Port Health Centre (PHC) will be Chemelots new supplier of 24/7 emergency care. The Chemelot site is an industrial area close to Sittard and Maastricht. A total of 5.000 people work at the site, particularly in the chemical industry.

Cooperation Arbo Unie
Until recently, the medical services were provided by the DSM Occupational Health Service, but they decided to quit. The companies at Chemelot have selected a new supplier: Arbo Unie and PHC, a subsidiary of Arbo Unie. Arbo Unie will deliver the curative care, PHC the 24/7 emergy care. We are happy with this decision. With more than 30 years of experience with treatment of chemical injuries, PHC is a true specialist in chemical injuries. We have several medical centres from which we provide 24/7 emergency care to companies in Rotterdam-Botlek and Moerdijk. It's a great opportunity to offer this expertise also to the Chemelot site users.
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