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Soil remediation examinations

Soil remediation examinations

The soil remediation examination is for employees that work in contaminated soil or work with contaminated soil and polluted (ground)water. The examination focuses on the early detection of potential health detriment. It also evaluates whether the employee is fit for these activities.

Port Health Centre conducts examinations according to CROW-132 regulations:
  • Soil remediation category A: no use of respiratory protection.
  • Soil remediation category B:  use of dependent respiratory protection equipment, such as a full-face respirator.
  • Soil remediation category C: use of independent respiratory protective equipment.

You can visit us for a variety of soil remediation class examinations.

He medical examination
During the soil remediation examination, the doctor examines the employee’s eyes, hearing and blood. In this way, the doctor can discover potential health risks and physical abnormalities. In addition to the examination itself, the employee receives advice on how to reduce health and safety risks.

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